What if...

I'm addicted to, it's definitive. Ok ok I'm lame and I know it....
Squiby isn't working right atm and I'm not amused. WHY GOD WHY? Why have you forsaken us?
I want my old Squiby back.
Also, my drawings suck and I don't have the will to draw anymore. >A<

Just remembered something. Me and sis bought Koffy's 'Velvet Goldmine 2' some time ago. Mmmm yes, good USUK sex timez. Should I scan it?

Squiby project

Well, I'm designing some squibies ( and I though of a new project: Hetalia in Wonderland.
The thing is, I don't know who must be who...and I don't know all the characters.
So, if someone is willing to help, please post here, or on squiby your choice, some prototypes...anything. Just post your ideas.

Thank you~